Direct Hire Traps to Avoid (for Helpers)


Direct Hire Traps to Avoid (for helpers)


“I find my new employer online, she interviewed me at her place and sign me the same day. It comes to my surprise that she asked me to sleep in a sofa-bed in the living room, but the contract shown that I have my own room.” said Marian, who break contract the second day and went back to Philippines last week.

Many terminated/Break contract helpers came to our agency looking for new employer, and we found out many of their previous employer were referred by friends or found from online matching platform. Here are some tips for you to avoid falling into Direct Hire Traps:


1) Incomplete or Fake Information


It is difficult for helpers to verify all information provided by employer. Sometimes what they write in the job ad or what they say in the interview may not be true. Sometimes they might try to hide something from you in order to get you sign with them, they might look nice in the interview but turned out to be a terminator. It is interesting that both helpers and employers tend to be more honest with employment agents. Ethical agents will try the best to understand your job preferences, filter out bad employers, and match you with the ideal job you want.


2) Friends referral


We have seen many cases that helpers break contract with the employer referred by their friends. “My friend no longer need the job and refer it to me.” You have to ask why they do not want the job in the first place? In most cases, the direct hire employer is just the friend or relatives or neighbor of your friend’s employer. “My employer is good, so her friend must be good!” This is just an assumption, not always the case, you can’t really tell until you work for them.


3) No agent to do the Negotiation


Sometimes helpers are too shy to request for what they want e.g. higher salary, for home leave, for longer hour curfew etc. during an interview. Because they want the job so badly, they just compromise everything but with regret later on. An agent actually acts as the mediator to negotiate with employer skillfully for you, and also as a witness when the employer revoke the agreement. More importantly, good agents understand the requirement for both sides and therefore will give you a better match for interview.


4) Employer Back-out or fail to provide documents


Direct Hire employers usually are not familiar with the consulate and immigration procedures. There are cases that the employers backed out because the process takes longer than they expected or immigration rejected their application because of insufficient document. We have seen helper coming for help because the employer failed to provide all necessary documents required by the immigration after visa extension period and immigration refused to further extend the visa after several extensions, so he has to go back home without a job. Going through an agents can save you a lot of time lining up and waiting in the immigration department, and most importantly make sure your application go smoothly with immigration department and consulate which sometimes can be very strict and rigid.


5) Empty Promises without Witness


In the scenario that employers break their promises, helpers usually having no say because a Direct Hire is a deal between only you and the employer. There is no agent as a witness in the process, so it is usually unfair to helpers when problems happen, for example, employer refuses to let helpers to take annual leaves during Christmas as he promised in the interview, since he found out that ticket price is too expensive. In this case, an agent can help to talk to your employer and record down all the things agreed in the first place.


6) Money & Time Consuming to Process by helpers


Many Direct Hire Employers most of the time will ask you to process papers by yourself, or even pay the notarization fee / VISA fee by yourself. You can only submit papers during your day off on Sundays, while Immigration departments only opens Mon to Sat half day not to mention the super long queue in Phil Consulate on Sundays. As a result, the whole process will be delayed and you wasted a lot of time queuing on your holidays. And even worst is that you need to spend a lot of money waiting for the new visa in the crowded boarding house. However with the help of an agency, you can sit back and relax and get the new visa within a few days after you finished your contract.


7) No Agent fee for employers, is it a good thing?

To some extent, it is good for employer they do not need to pay a penny to find a good helper. Our observations is that direct hire employers change helpers more frequent and terminate helpers more easily because it is at little or no cost. However for employers who go through agent, they already spent thousands or more for the hiring and matching services, they will try to seek help from agent whom they trusted whenever there is problem between employer and helper and will not give up so easily. 




You have a choice to avoid all the above problems if you are in good hand of an Ethical and Responsible Agent like Helper Direct. We do all the employers screenings for you and negotiate for you on what you want. We handle all processing for you and make sure your VISA will be issued smoothly.

After all, we only charge 10% of your first month salary, and you only pay after you get your first month salary, why not sit back, relax and let us help you find your ideal employer.

 Of course, if you found a good employer by yourself, we are happy to help you process. We only charge the employer $3888 for local finish direct hire.

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