Job Types


  • Foreign Domestic Helper
    • Local finished contract 
    • Terminated with good reasons (relocation/financial problem/death of employer)
    • Terminated/Break contract
    • Overseas (first timer / Ex-Hong Kong or other countries)
  • Driver 
    • Domestic helper with permission to perform driving duties
    • Family driver
    • Company driver
    • Event driver
  • Caregiver
    • Private nurse
    • Health worker
    • Personal care worker
    • Domestic helper with caregiver training


Our Sreening process


Candidate will be asked to complete a registration form. Our staff will interview with each candidate and go through the information they provided in the registration form including their personal particulars, family background, education level, language skill and job history etc in details. We will also conduct document and reference check. Only those qualified ones will be included into our candidate database


Our Matching process


We understand both the employer's requirements as well as candidate's job preferences to ensure they are the right matches, thereby reducing the chances of backing out and breaking contract. We also act as the intermediary and mediator between employers and candidates in interviews and during the contract period to enable a harmonic and longer term employer-employee relationship.